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Sonja Gole

Sonja Gole
General manager of Adria Mobil

Foreword of Sonje Gole,
General manager of Adria Mobil

This year, we are especially proud of the Adria Mobil Cycling Club, as the club is celebrating its 50th anniversary. I express my sincere congratulations on my own behalf and on behalf of Adria Mobil - the general sponsor of the club - to current and former club workers, cyclists and sponsors for all the achievements they realized until now. They have shared a vision and dedication, even when it was not easy, they persevered, and, each in their own field, executed their work with motivation and vision of contributing to the development and popularization of cycling in the Dolenjska region and beyond. This year again, our sponsorship is focused on all three areas of club activities: in support of the professional Continental team (competition part), in the education of young cyclists and in the organization of various professional and recreational cycling events.

I am glad that last year Adria Mobil Cycling Club once again carried out the Tour of Slovenia with excellence, whereas outstanding organization and famous cycling names attracted millions of international audiences thus positioning Slovenia and Adria Mobil Cycling Club on the global tourist and cycling map. We are also expecting the resounding 28th Tour of Slovenia in 2022, which will enliven the events on and along the road in June, and at the same time will offer an international spectacle in the fight for the green jersey.

I wish the team members of Adria Mobil Cycling Club a successful start of the season, which would bring cyclists a winning combination of perseverance, courage, team spirit and motivation to reach the highest possible rankings throughout the season and thus become an example to younger generations of cyclists; they may continue their careers in Adria’s blue and red jerseys in a few years - also because of them and their results.

May the jubilee year 2022 for the Novo mesto cycling club, the Adria Mobil Cycling Club, be victorious and successful, with the desire for the club to prosper, develop and write many more unforgettable cycling stories in the local, national and international environment.

Foreword Mojce Novak,
President of Adria Mobil Cycling Team

Dear cyclists, sponsors, members and friends of the cycling club!

This year, the Cycling Club is celebrating its 50th anniversary and I am honored, that under the auspices of the general sponsor, company Adria Mobil, we have been continuing, developing and co-creating a successful cycling story in Slovenia for almost twenty years. Thanks to our champions, cycling is one of the most popular sports in our country today, but all of us, who know and live cycling, are aware that these successes are the result of quality and professional work with young people in cycling clubs throughout Slovenia.

With the desire to create conditions for the comprehensive development of cyclists and cycling, the Adria Mobil Cycling Club has taken it a step further, as in addition to educating young talents and working with a professional team, we have been organizing cycling events, both professional and recreational, for many years and through these events we enable Slovenian cyclists to compete in home races but with strong international participation and competition. And I am glad that today in Slovenia and Novo mesto we have a comprehensive system and cycling infrastructure in place, which enables and encourages the development of cycling at all levels, from mass and recreational to professional cycling.

Throughout its history, the Adria Mobil Cycling Club has achieved its results on the values of hard work, “fair play” and has always and in all areas of activity set high and ambitious goals with the desire to create the future of cycling in terms of sport and sustainable mobility. Therefore, I sincerely wish and believe that the Adria Mobil Cycling Club will continue to experience great success, persevere after every fall and above all live and fulfill its mission - with a passion for sports, which transcends the moments of victories and defeats, creating a healthy, active and responsible life-style.

Mojca Novak

Mojca Novak
President of the Adria Mobil Cycling Team

Bogdan Fink

Bogdan Fink
Director of Cycling team Adria Mobil

Foreword Bogdana Finka,
Director of Adria Mobil Cycling Team

Last season was still marked by the epidemic, but the situation was already much better compared to the previous year. Despite all the problems, the races in Slovenia were organized once again, which is very important for our club. We continue to work with full dedication and, of course, full of new ideas.

Our rejuvenated continental team has proven to be very ambitious and eager for new knowledge. With a few new faces and more competitors in our team, we are confident that we will achieve the goals we set for ourselves. Our goals are to demonstrate good performance at Tour of Slovenia and achieve podium results at the national championship of Slovenia in elite competition. We also want as many victories as possible in the UCI calendar and thus ranking among the best teams in the Europe Tour.

Sports director Marko Kump will lead our continental team this year as well, as he has proven with his knowledge and experience that he is on the right track. I am confident in his success and the success of the entire team.

A big and sincere thank you for many years of sponsorship and trust goes to the general sponsor, the company Adria Mobil d.o.o., Novo mesto, and all other sponsors and partners of the club. Many thanks also go to our members and fans for all the support so far, with the desire to see you on the bike as soon as possible or by the roadside when you cheer for our red and blues.

Management board

predsednica kluba / team president

podpredsednik kluba / team vice president


Damir Dominić
Stane Fink
Janko Hrovat
Robert Kastelic
Rafko Križman
Damir Karpljuk
Tomaž Kastelic
Ljudmila Kastelec
Lovro Peterlin
MARKO KUMP sports director
SREČKO GLIVAR coach U13, U14, U15
DAMJAN PREVEJŠEK coach assistant
JAN BEVC mechanic

Activities of the team

  • professional cycling team,
  • organization of sport events,
  • upbringing of young cyclists.


»To create a healthy, active and responsible lifestyle with a passion for sport that transcends the moments of victories and defeats.«


»»To remain the best cycling team in Slovenia by achieving outstanding results, successfully bringing up the next generation of young cyclists and organizing sporting events.«


teamwork, tolerance, health, trust, a positive attitude to life, competitiveness, environmental awareness, honesty, dedication to the team, etc.