Grand Prix Adria Mobil

International cycling race UCI 1.2, 28. March 2021

Adria Mobil, Straška cesta 50, Novo mesto - Glavni trg, Novo mesto 

ORGANIZER: KK Adria Mobil, Zaloška cesta 20, 8000 Novo mesto
JUDGES:  President of Jury: Nevenka Sreš, Com 2: Lovro Žiberna, Com 3: Bruno Valčic, Finish Judge: Marija Krnc, Timekeeper: Irma Baloh, Moto 1: Aleksander Gorkić, Moto 2: Mira Gašparič Petrovič, Broom: Andrej Fideršek 

Leaflet download: vn_adria-mobil_2021.pdf

After a one-year break, the cycling race for the Adria Mobil Grand Prix is also returning to the venue of sports competitions. Due to the situation related to the corona virus pandemic, we will miss spectators and loyal fans at this year‘s race, but we can still look forward to strong competition and interesting race moments throughout the route.

This year‘s international race Adria Mobil Grand Prix will also be a little more than 180 km long, and around 140 cyclists will compete for the winner‘s cup on the varied route, most of them from Slovenia and neighboring countries Austria, Croatia and Italy.

The cyclists will once again compete for the Situla Cup, which is one of the recognizable features of Novo mesto, and the finish of the race will once again be on the famous granite cubes of Novo mesto main square, where also the Tour of Slovenia cycling race traditionally ends.

Adria Mobil cycling club, the traditional organizer of the Adria Mobil Grand Prix as well as the Tour of Slovenia, will once again bring a colorful cycling caravan to Slovenian roads for the first time since the pandemic, thus continuing its rich tradition of organizing sports events and promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Sonja Gole
General manager of Adria Mobil

Foreword of Sonja Gole,
General manager of Adria Mobil

Adria Mobil has been connected with cycling for many years and, as the general sponsor of the Adria Mobil Cycling Club, promotes the development of professional cycling and healthy life-style in the local community and beyond. The renewal of Adria Mobil‘s mission -We inspire for memorable mobile leisure time experiences - also establishes a new identification link with the club, which has, for many years, been inspiring new generations of young cyclists to follow their role models and with hard work and club’s knowledge and experience also surpass them.

Therefore, I am pleased that this year the Adria Mobil Cycling Club will be able to organize the Adria Mobil Grand Prix, which was first organized six years ago at an important historical milestone - in 2015, when Adria brand celebrated its 50th anniversary. Despite the special circumstances in which the race will take place this year, and without loyal fans along the track, the most important thing is that the tradition continues and that the club fulfills its mission in organizing sports events, as it gives inspiration and example to new generations. Because having an inspiration and example also means having the foundation of every successful start that motivates us and gives us the will to pursue our dreams and our goals with passion, dedication and responsibility.

The organization of a sporting event in demanding and uncertain conditions, which are still strongly marked by the new corona virus, certainly confirms the responsible and professional work of the club, which is becoming more and more important ambassador of the Adria brand every year.

Mojca Novak
President of the Adria Mobil Cycling Club

Foreword of Mojca Novak,
President of Adria Mobil Cycling Team

The corona virus pandemic, among other things, had a strong impact on the entire cycling season last year, so I am all the happier that cycling races are back and that already the sixth edition of the Adria Mobil Grand Prix race is ahead of us. The varied route, international participation and, above all, top teams are once again a guarantee that we will be able to enjoy a sporting event at the highest level.

The Adria Mobil Cycling Club will also take part in the race, refreshed with new members, a new coach, a new serviceman, and above all well motivated to prove their quality and potential, which our riders undoubtedly have, at the first races already. In strong competition, a bit of sporting luck will undoubtedly be needed, because after all, it is the riders who dictate how demanding the race will be and how much effort it will take to achieve the victory.

In conclusion, I would like to thank all the partners, sponsors and friends who in one way or another support the operation of the club and its mission. Special thanks go to the general sponsor, Adria Mobil, d. o. o., for many years of trust and the opportunity to articulate its corporate social responsibility though professional and recreational cycling, through a healthy lifestyle and sustainable mobility concept.

Novo mesto –  City of Opportunity

Professional cycling has been deeply intertwined with Novo mesto for almost 40 years, and some of the best cyclists in the world have trained in the Adria Mobil Cycling Team, which the Municipality of Novo mesto is also very proud of.

During the time of epidemic, Municipality of Novo mesto has strengthened its cooperation with local tourist products which also include recreational cycling, and we are all especially grateful for the wonderful natural resources of our home environment. There are many people who have ridden a bicycle for the first time in years and have realized that cycling is an excellent form of recreation. The Municipality of Novo mesto strives for better connections of our local and regional cycling routes, as well as the establishment of new off-road routes.

Olympic Centre Novo mesto has justified its purpose with the cycling track − an exquisite training venue for the best cyclists. The route has recorded some excellent results and records in the last year and we have all taken a step forward in the field of sports tourism, which we definitely want to develop in the future. We are keeping our fingers crossed that this year the circumstances will allow the traditional Tour of Slovenia 2021 to be organised, since its finish line is traditionally on our Main Square. For Novo mesto, this is the biggest cycling holiday, and we will welcome the elite of Slovenian cycling with the greatest enthusiasm.

Foto: Vid Ponikvar / Sportida


07.00 - 12.00
Arrival of the competing teams at the Adria Mobil building
10.00 - 13.00
Open office and the press center at the start of the race (Adria Mobil)
11.20 - 12.20
Presentation of the teams before the race start + photo session
Race start at the Adria Mobil building


16.30 - 17.30
End of the race
Adria Mobil Grand Prix award ceremony



Adria Mobil, d. o. o., Straška cesta



Novo mesto, Glavni trg






Bogdan Fink,
direktor dirke

Cycling races are coming back again and the sixth edition of the Adria Mobil GP is ahead of us. The start will traditionally be in front of the building of the company Adria Mobil, the general sponsor of the cycling club from Novo mesto. The route is practically the same as in previous years, which means that cyclists are once again waiting for a strenuous 180 kilometers through the Dolenjska hills and Bela krajina.

There will be some great young world cyclists at the starting line, so we expect an interesting race and a great fight to the last meters. Despite the problems brought to us by the Covid epidemic, we will do our best to execute the race at the highest organizational level, and at the same time on this occasion we urge all participants to behave responsibly before, during and after the race.

On behalf of the organizing committee, I would like to thank the general sponsor for his support and, above all, for his trust in the organization and implementation of the cycling event called the Adria Mobil Grand Prix.

Marko Kump,
športni direktor KK AM

The Adria Mobil Grand Prix is a race that is included in the UCI race calendar and is our home race. For me personally, it was a special goal every year, as it takes place on home roads, where I trained most of the time as a cyclist. I believe that racing in front of home spectators gives every rider additional motivation, and it was the same for me.

This year I will be taking part in the race in a different role, but with the same feelings. We have a team consisting of experienced, young and victory-seeking cyclists. This is definitely a big goal for us in the first part of the season and with that in mind we will prepare for the race!

Tomaž Poljanec,
director of Gusto Santic Ljubljana

The Adria Mobil cycling club is definitely a synonym for Slovenian cycling. For Slovenia, Novo mesto is the center of cycling events thanks to Cycling Club Adria Mobil. This was proved in Dolenjska in the golden age of this sport in our country, but they also prove it today, when practically in all sports the situation is difficult and, above all, uncertain due to the new coronavirus and the consequences it leaves and will leave. After last year in Slovenia, with the exception of the national championship and some other competitions, we were left practically without all the races categorized by the International Cycling Union; this year we can look forward even more to every race that any organizer is ready to carry out. Grand Prix Adria Mobil is certainly one of the most prestigious races in Slovenia, which the leaders of Slovenian teams are already looking forward to. For us, this is a real spring classic, which represents a real training ground and a great opportunity to prove young Slovenian cyclists who want to move among the elite in the near future.

Grand Prix Adria Mobil. A race that enjoys a great reputation. A race in which every Slovenian cyclist who comes to the start wants to prove himself. A race where I want to see the rider of our team on the highest podium. Above all, I want to see the smiling faces of cyclists again, who will enthusiastically embark on a varied journey around Novo mesto ... in these times, marked by the new coronavirus, the first winner is definitely the organizer itself, who manages to run a sporting event. See you, Grand Prix Adria Mobil. See you at the start, on the route and then at the famous finish in Novo mesto.


2019 (184 KM)

1. KUMP Marko Adria Mobil
2. SISR František Elkov - Author
3. AUER Daniel Maloja Pushbikers
4. PER David Adria Mobil
5. PRIMOŽIČ Jaka KK Kranj

2018 (183 KM)

1. FORTIN FILIPPO Team Felbermayr - Simplon Wels
2. VENCHIARUTTI Nicola Cycling Team Friuli
3. POLNICKÝ Jirí Elkov - Author Cycling Team
4. TOTO Paolo Sangemini - MG.Kvis
5. LOGICA Enrico Biesse Carrera Gavardo

2017 (183 KM)

1. PARRINELLO Antonino GM Europa Ovini
2. GAFFURINI Nicola Sangemini - MG.Kvis
3. BAZHKOU Stanislau Minsk Cycling Club
4. BONGIORNO Francesco Manuel Sangemini - MG.Kvis
5. PACCHIARDO Davide GM Europa Ovini

2016 (176,5 KM)

2. CECCHIN Alberto Team Roth
3. BANI Eugenio Amore & Vita - Selle SMP
4. PER David Adria Mobil
5. FANKHAUSER Clemens Tirol cycling team

2015 (168 KM)

1. KUMP Marko Adria Mobil
2. FORTIN Filippo GM Cycling Team
3. GAVAZZI Mattia Amore & Vita - Selle SMP
4. TRATNIK Jan Amplatz - BMC
5. WEISS Martin Tirol cycling team

Leaflet download: vn_adria-mobil_2021.pdf


Adria Mobil