A new historical chapter of the famous velodrome

After 22 years, the well-known Velodrome in Češča vas, which has been the official home of the Adria Mobil Cycling Team since 2016, has finally been given a roof and has thus been reinvigorated as part of the Češča vas Olympic Training Centre – the official name of the facility since last autumn. The training centre has an area of 7,574 m2 and already has a 200-metre four-lane athletics track, eight 60-metre sprint lanes, the runways for the long jump and the high jump, the runway for the pole jump and a shot put area. The training centre is covered with an inflatable membrane that is 23,51 metres high at its uppermost point. The renovations on the velodrome, i.e. the cycling track, were completed in late January. The track had required a thorough reconstruction and a completely new coating using the high-quality wood of the Siberian pine. 250 m3 of Siberian pine were used for coating the track and its substructure.

The indoor velodrome now offers cyclists a chance to practice in all seasons, and the track is also of great importance for junior cyclists; it facilitates learning to ride in a group, riding a bicycle without gears and brakes; it is important for gaining experience in spatial orientation. Track cycling also helps acquire tactical and technical skills, which are also much needed in road racing. The velodrome will also be available for cyclists from other Slovenian clubs. The first official competition on the renovated and covered track at the national championship level will be organized at the end of March this year.


The velodrome has the following characteristics:

  • length: 250 m; width: 7 m
  • angle of the track at the banked sections: 44 degrees
  • angle of the track at the straight sections: 12 degrees
  • the structure consists of almost 400 studded supports
  • the length of the longer axis: 114 m; the length of the shorter axis: 50 m
  • height of the track at the highest section 6.80
  • height of the track at the lowest section 3.30 m
  • the stands hold up to 450 spectators